HRH Prince Harry of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton Attend a Wedding

HRH Prince Harry of Wales and his brother’s fiancée, Catherine Middleton, attended a grand wedding this evening in Britain.

According to the Sun newspaper, Prince William’s close friend, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher, married his longtime gal, Miss Louise Stourton.

The bride looks like she wore a giant bed-sheet while the groom looked, well, dazed.

Meanwhile, Miss Catherine Middleton looked very happy… beaming knowing that her own wedding to HRH Prince William was just months away.  Miss Middleton wore a knee length black velvet coat, black hat, black knee length dress, and purple shoes.  Of course, she wore her trademark black eyeliner encircling her eyes like a raccoon (gurl, just stop!  Step away from the black eyeliner!)

Oh and Princess Beatrice was there… looking like a frightful hot mess.

To view loads of images please click these links: The Sun and Daily Mail

Photo courtesy of: Ben Lack Photography Ltd

4 thoughts on “HRH Prince Harry of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton Attend a Wedding”

  1. Since when a dead black attire is the best choice for a dress to attend a wedding ceremony? Just wondering…

    1. Well, that’s out Kate, err, Catherine. At least she didn’t wear her trademark blazer, but rather opted for a knee length coat. 🙂

  2. Kate Middleton obviously thinks very heavy black eyeliner makes her look more attractive but it only makes her look like she doesn’t know how to apply makeup. She’s trying hard to look like so many young women today: a Barbie doll. Princess Diana was much braver in her style choices: she wasn’t afraid to wear her hair short and still looked far better than Kate.

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