Miss Catherine Middleton’s Tatler Magazine Warholesque Cover: Um, yeahhh

The geniuses who brought you Miss Charlene Wittstock’s infamous cover a few months ago, looking like Sharon Stone’s cheap sleazy sister from the movie Casino, are at it again. Yup,  that’s right… it’s Tatler Magazine!


To say that the editor as well as art director and design team have failed yet again is an understatement.  So who is their victim this month?  Why it is Miss Catherine Middleton (you know… the woman who is about to marry HRH Prince William of Wales on April 29, 2011.)

Someone at Tatler Magazine had the Einstein idea to give her the “…Andy Warhol treatment… a pop art-style montage…”   Look, I’ll just cut to the case:  The cover is one hot freaking mess!  First, there was that gawd awful coin of Miss Middleton and HRH Prince William.  Now, there is this tacky and otherwise ugly cover.

The bottom righthand corner photo makes her look like a green monster from hell.  The layout is just… ugh!  I honestly feel bad for Miss Middleton.  Furthermore, I am beginning to wonder if those who make the final decisions at Tatler Magazine secretly hate royals and princely families.  Yeah, I know they are a “high society” magazine, but honestly…  I just don’t know what else to say.  Except…

In case you were wondering, Miss Middleton did not give an interview with the magazine and the image is from the official engagement announcement press conference back in November 2010.

Source and photo courtesy of: Daily Mail via Tatler Magazine