Welcome to The Royal Correspondent!

Good Afternoon fellow royal watchers and casual peeps who happen to stumble upon this new blog by sheer accident!

Welcome to The Royal Correspondent!

The purpose of The Royal Correspondent is to share daily news, information, gossip, and of course fashion from the various royal houses around the world for an American audience.  We will provide you the royal news they way it should be: Unbiased, upfront, and when warranted a little snark thrown in the mix.  There are many blogs out there dedicated to one or perhaps two specific royal houses; however, this blog will hopefully be different.

The Royal Correspondent (TRC) will focus on the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and  Spanish Royal houses, the Grand Ducal House of Luxembourg, as well as the Princely Houses of Monaco and Liechtenstein.   Non-reigning houses from Germany, France, and Hawaii will also be discussed.  But don’t fret, dear royal watchers, occasionally we will report on the daily happenings with the British Royal Family.

With TRC you will be able to read daily news articles that are translated into English along with photos as well as videos.  Every Friday, starting November 26, 2010, there will be a weekly fashion review entitled This Week in Royal Fashion. It is a weekly wrap-up of all the hits and misses from the royals.  From time to time we will also review various books from biographies to historical fiction.  Starting January 2011 TRC will debut it’s very own You Tube channel and bi-weekly Podcast via iTunes!

More will be added to The Royal Correspondent in regards to content so stay tuned!


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  1. Congratulations on your blog! I’ve got you bookmarked, and I will definitely be tuning in regularly for all of your excellent posts. You’ve got a ton of knowledge on all things royal, so I know that your readers are in good hands.

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