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HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium in Trouble Again!

Once again, His Royal Highness Prince Laurent of Belgium found himself in trouble with the authorities.

So, what did he do this time? Well, it seems the 58-year-old prince — younger brother of His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium — failed to update his inspection and registration papers for his classic car, a Porsche, to Belgian version of the DMV. The troubled prince hasn’t done a thing with the vehicle since 2014.

Anyway, the privileged prince thought that it was okay to still drive his car all over Belgium without the proper paperwork. Last June 2021 in Tervuren, Prince Laurent was caught on a traffic-cam driving his Porsche without a license plate, registration and inspection papers. As a result, he was ordered to appear in court.

Yesterday, Prince Laurent appeared in court in Louvain, Belgium, to face the judge and explain why he hasn’t completed his paperwork since 2014. “It was difficult to get an appointment with the technical inspection.  I also have health problems and, with the Covid, I could not go to the inspection agency. It took time, that’s all…” noted the prince. He went on to say, “…I had taken the plates off and it was no longer registered, but I do have insurance on it!”

In the end, the judge ordered Prince Laurent to pay a fine of 200 Euro plus 80 Euros in legal fees, and 22 Euros to the Second Line Legal Aid Fund which was created to allow litigants to call on their Pro-Deo services (Pro-Deo in legal terms means without charge.)

Once the hearing was over, Prince Laurent whined to a journalist from, 7Sur7 News, that “…So much attention for something so small , I do not understand.”


HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium is an Entitlement queen

Once again, HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium, aka Peter Griffin, continues to annoy the crap out of everyone he comes in contact with.

So, what did the he do this time?  Well, it seems that Laurent is an entitlement queen.

According to the Belgian newspaper, DeMorgen.be, Laurent ruffled some feathers recently with Brussels Airlines.  Apparently he likes to purchase economy class tickets when ever he travels, but once he is one the plane he demands that he be seated in Business Class (aka an upgrade) because he is a royal.  According those who work for the airline, Laurent harasses the airline staff whereupon many become panicked when his name appears on their Brussels Airline passenger list.

Last June, when Prince Laurent and Princess Claire attended the Swedish royal wedding, Prince Laurent screamed at a Brussels Airlines stewardess when she asked to see his ticket (which is normal procedure on all flights.)  According to Demorgen.be the stewardess asked:

‘Sir, may I  please see your boarding pass?’  Irritated, Laurent showed her his ticket.  It was for economy and he had to be seated in his assigned seat.  Laurent argued with the stewardess, and finally, several minutes later, the Prince finally cooperated and got up from his seat. Fellow travelers on the flight heard him complain whereupon he screamed about the “lack of professionalism” with the airline staff.  Then he pouted like a pissy entitlement queen and moved back to his assigned seat in economy class. A little later came food and drinks.  The Prince refused to pay. ‘Now you want me to pay?’  He then calls another the flight attendant.

A group of Swedish passengers, not familiar Prince Laurent’s reputation, watched with amazement of the scene Prince Laurent was creating.  So, they decided  that since Prince Laurent refused to pay for food and drinks why should they, ‘They started to order drinks,’ said a cabin crew member. ‘One of them said: Put mine on the account of that man over there.’  Gradually, people started to adopt an attitude of: if he does not pay, why us? It was quite a tiring flight. ‘

The antics of Prince Laurent apparently lead to increased irritation. Several members of our cabin crew gave similar testimony about the conduct of Prince Laurent. Not just once, they say, but every time.

‘He always chooses b.light for cheap tickets,’ said one of them. ‘If he comes aboard, he demands a place in business class or by way of compromise, in b.flex (one level below business class, DDC).  His reason:  Because he is a prince and that’s the way it is.

On August 14, 2010, after a vacation with his family in Italy, Prince Laurent boarded a Brussels Airlines flight to Brussels. He had six tickets with him, because he was accompanied by Princess Claire, Princess Louise (7), the Princes Nicolas and Aymeric (5) and a nanny. They are six b.flex tickets, economy, but this time there were several empty seats in Business Class.

‘He just sat down there without asking,’ said one eyewitness. The crew decided not to confront Laurent because they knew he would cause another scene. The behavior of the prince was simply rude.’

What a tool.

Source: DeMorgen.be

HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium Attends the Vaccination of Homeless Pets At a Railway Station

On February 8, 2011, HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium attended the annual Vaccination for Homeless Pets this afternoon in Brussels, Belgium.  This event is sponsored by the Prince’s foundation, cleverly entitled, The Prince Laurent Foundation.

Meanwhile, many people were confused (and some excited) as to why Peter Griffin from the show, Family Guy, was hanging around the railway station in Brussels.  Soon, they were utterly disappointed when they realized it was only the second son of HM King Albert of Belgium and HM Queen Paola, Prince Laurent.

To view the myriad of photos of Peter, I mean, Prince Laurent of Belgium at the annual Vaccination for Homeless Pets please click the link: Photos