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His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia Opens the Annual Christmas Market at Burg Hohenzollern

Many of you may not have heard of His Imperial and His Royal Highness Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia.  However, I’m sure you have heard of his Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria, and his Grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm II… the last Emperor of Germany.  He’s kind of fierce when he’s all dressed up in his regal uniform.  I mean, seriously… how many people in this world can get away with wearing a giant gold bird on their helmet and still look so freaking… epic!

Any way, Prince Georg Friedrich is the current head of the House of Hohenzollern.  Now, if World War I as well as World War II had not happened there is a darn good chance Prince Georg would be the reigning Emperor of Germany today.

So why am I writing about him this afternoon?  Well, Prince Georg opened the annual Christmas market at his modest pad, known as Burg Hohenzollern, near Stuttgart, Germany.  This event has been a tradition for quite some time, and the handsome Prince continued this annual event, well, because I suppose he wanted too.

On December 18, 2010, there will be an Advent sale at the castle.  So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood you should stop by and purchase some items.  According to the official website for Burg Hohenzollern:

Are you looking for christmas presents for your family or friends? Looking for some nice accesoires and christmas decoration? We invite you to our big Advent selling in the gift shop of the Hohenzollern Castle. Enjoy the romantic winterly location with mulled wine and hot chestnuts.

Our present for you: For guests coming to the Advent selling we offer free parking, free shuttle service, free entrance to the castle grounds  – and a cup of coffee in the castle’s restaurant!

For more information about Burg Hohenzollern please visit their official website at http://www.burg-hohenzollern.com/startpage.html

Photos courtesy of burg-hohenzollern.com and Wikipedia.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco does Something Mildly Interesting Today

This evening in tiny ass Monaco, where the rich and sleazy party their`Okoles (Hawaiian word for ‘Butts’) off, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco decided that he was in a festive mood and he wanted to share it with the working people of Monaco (actually those who serve and work in Monaco don’t actually live there.  They either live in  Beausoleil or some other cutesy village with cobblestone streets and stuff.)

The not-so dashing Sovereign prince of Monaco allowed people to shake his hand whilst staring at his bald head during his brief visit to the inauguration of the Christmas village in Monaco.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves for this photo-op, but many were wondering, “Where is Charlene?”

I guess she couldn’t make it for some reason; however, she did attend another event with Princess Stephanie the day before.  How nice.

Photos courtesy of RD.