Royal Palaces

Since the holidays are now upon us many royal houses will begin to slow down their official duties. ¬†With that being said, I thought I would discuss various royal palaces. ¬†Today I will begin with the Grand Ducal Palace located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. ¬†Mainly used for official duties the palace was redecorated by the late Grand Duchess Charlotte in the 1960s and again in the early through mid nineties. ¬† It’s a beautiful palace that I hope to see one day.

Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg

Images within the palace are rare; however, during National Day 2010 (Luxembourg’s television network) provided a behind the scenes biography of the preparations of National Day 2010. ¬†Moreover, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was prominently featured.

Video of the Luxembourg’s National Day 2010 preparations: ¬†