HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco attend the Opening Ceremony of the 35th International Circus Festival

This evening in lovely, yet tiny, Monaco HSH Prince Albert and his sister Princess Stephanie of Monaco attended the opening ceremony of the 35th Annual International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.

Surrounded by creepy ass clowns and a billion photographers Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie smiled and laughed as they made their way through the arena.

Oh, I almost forgot… Princess Stephanie’s daughter, Pauline, was also in attendance to support her mother who is the President of the Circus Festival. Unfortunately, once again,  Prince Albert’s fiancée was nowhere to be found.  It’s been a long ass time since royal watchers were able to gaze upon her loveliness in still photos as well as videos.  Who knows where or what she is doing (perhaps prepping for the upcoming princely wedding); nevertheless, I hope we will see her soon.

To view more photos of tonight’s event please click the link below.


Source and photos courtesy of: Day Life by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images and AP Photo/Valery Hache, Pool

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco attends the Monte Carlo Rally

On January 19, 2011, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was in Saint Bonnet le Froid to attend the opening of

… a special of the centenary Monte Carlo rally.  Formerly part of the WRC circuit the event which was first won by Frenchman Henri Rougier in a Turcat-Mery back in 1911, is now on the rival breakaway IRC circuit.

Sounds like fun and by the looks of it, HSH Prince Albert looks as if he is freezing to death.

To view more photos from the event please click the link below.

Source and photos courtesy of: Day Life by JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT/AFP/Getty Images

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Miss Charlene Wittstock Will Walk Down the Aisle in A Custom Designed Gown by Giorgio Armani

This isn’t exactly breaking news for many royal watchers (in fact several of us knew months ago), but Miss Charlene Wittstock will wear a custom designed wedding gown by Mr. Giorgio Armani for her wedding to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Actually, she will wear two items designed by the famous Italian designer.  One for her civil marriage, that will take place on July 1, and one for the religious ceremony on July 2, 2011.

Miss Wittstock and Mr. Armani have a long relationship together when it comes to her fashion choices.  In case you didn’t know, she is the official Ambassador for the House of Armani.

Source: Nice-Matin Photo courtesy of: Michael Carpenter/ WENN.com

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Monaco Has Been Officially Declared ‘The Safest Place in the World!!’ Oh Yeah, Prince Albert Was There

Yup that’s right!  Monaco has been officially declared the safest and most epic country in the world… according to Monaco’s Police Chief/Director of Public Security, Andre Muhlberger.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, looking fresh and relaxed after his exotic vacay trip to Egypt as well as his official trip to Lebanon, congratulated the Police force for a job well done.

In an article from today’s Monaco Telecom newspaper, Mr. Muhlberger notes, “…good figures for 2010…” ; however, he did state there were a wee of problems last year… but that’s not important.

It’s been shuffled under the rug.

Voila!  No problemos!

Everything is fine here.

Any who, there are several photos of HSH Prince Albert II and the entire police force from today’s announcement.  To view the photos please click the link: Monaco Telecom

In case you were wondering, Miss Charlene Wittstock did not attend the event.

Source: Monaco Telecom

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HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco Proclaims “Miss Charlene Wittstock is a ‘Dream’ Sister-in-Law”

In the French newspaper, Le Parisien, HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco noted that Miss Charlene Wittstock is a “dream” sister-in-law!

How sweet.  No, really it is.

Princess Stephanie goes on to state that she has a wonderful and close relationship with the former South African swimmer and that she is looking forward to the Princely wedding on July 1st and 2nd:

I’m planning on enjoying this great moment of happiness for my country, my brother and for all the Monégasque people.

I’m very happy for him. Like all little sisters, I want to see my brother happy. It’s a demonstration of their love and happiness that I’m seeing, which has been theirs for a while now.

To read the article in its entirety and watch the video clip please click the link: Le Parisien

Source: Le Parisien

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Princess Antionette of Monaco Turns 90 years old

On January 8, 2011, Princess Antoinette of Monaco, sister of the late HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco, celebrated her 90th birthday.

Many of her friends and family were there including HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and HSH Princess of Monaco.

To view more images please click the link below.

Source and photos courtesy of: Nice-Matin by PHOTOPQR/NICE MATIN/OLIVIER OGERON

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to Attend the Art of the Olympians in Fort Myers, Florida

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco will attend the Art of Olympians in Fort Myers, Florida on March 5, 2011.

Per the PR News Wire:

[The AOTO] will welcome His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco to Southwest Florida on March 5, 2011 as he shows his support for the acclaimed Art of the Olympians Museum and Galleries at the Al Oerter Center for Excellence. Prince Albert II, a five-time Olympian in the Bobsleigh event, and a member of the International Olympic Committee, and great supporter of both arts and sports initiatives.

‘Sport and the arts are perhaps the greatest two fields available to leaders who want to affect the lives of an entire population,’ said His Serene Highness Prince Albert II.

It is unknown at this point if his fiancée, Miss Charlene Wittstock, will attend the event alongside Prince Albert.  Most likely she will.

When more information comes available I will let you know.

Source: PR Newswire.com Photo courtesy of Zimbio.com by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe.

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Miss Charlene Wittstock ‘The New Grace’ (Not my Words)

Well, folks, it is inevitable at this point, and all fingers should be pointed to the PR management at the Palais Princier de Monaco.  Yes, that’s right… I’m pointing my finger at those who are overly paid, and who have no idea what they are doing, at the Palace in Monaco.

So why am I blaming them?  Well, first was their insistence that Miss Charlene Wittstock speak with the reporter from Tatler magazine, then their enthusiasm that she dress like the late movie star turned HSH Princess of Monaco, and not notice that there may be a backlash or problem with it.  Nor, did they realize that it is simply odd to promote such a notion (did that make any sense?)

Any way, the Spanish magazine, Hola, recently ran an article entitled, “The New Grace” in reference to Miss Charlene Wittstock.


Here is what they, Hola Magazine, has to say:

This summer will at last be a new Grace to Monaco. With great power of seduction, aristocratic and natural elegance, but also with golden hair and eyes as heaven.  The Prince promised power in its resemblance in each public appearance with poses, outfits, hairstyles, makeup to the delight of his countrymen. Thus from the beginning the sovereign and his girlfriend did not hide his love, but he also made her a place in many official events.  She impeccably served as his makeshift role of First Lady. And Monaco fell for her as it did fifty years ago and they were happy for Charlene to occupy the gap left by  Princess Grace.


Source: Hola.com Photo courtesy of Hola.com and some dudes who took the photos.  You’re welcome.

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HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and Miss Charlene Wittstock on Holiday in Egypt

While the rest of the world returns to their monotonous 9-5 jobs, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and his fiancée, Miss Charlene Wittstock, continue to enjoy their New Year’s holiday.

The couple are currently in Egypt along with some of their close friends.   HSH Prince Albert II and Miss Wittstock were recently seen riding camels near Giza.


It is unknown when the couple will return home to the tiny principality known as Monaco.

Source and photo courtesy of: Svensk Damtidning by All Over Press

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Miss Charlene Wittstock: The 2010 Personality of the Year

While Prince Albert II of Monaco and his fiancée, Charlene Wittstock, are on holiday in Egypt, the French newspaper, Nice-Matin, decided that Miss Wittstock is their choice for the 2010 Personality of the Year.

Now, I can see why she was picked as the winner.  More than ever, Miss Wittstock was in the public eye with her then boyfriend turned fiancé, HSH Prince Albert II.  Moreover, I suppose it was her strong support to various charities in and out of Monaco that led the editors to choose Miss Wittstock as their chica of the year.

So, congratulations, Charlene!  I’m sure you will win again next year.

Source: Nice-Matin

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Miss Charlene Wittstock’s Christmas Card

Well, we finally have a chance to see what HSH Prince Albert II and Miss Charlene Wittstock’s Christmas card looks like.

An American blogger living in the South of France posted the card on her site (which you can view on her blog.)  Charlene is wearing, what looks to be a black fitted turtleneck dress with her hair in a delicate chignon.  Prince Albert looks, well, like he’s lost weight.

It’s a nice card, obviously taken inside the Palais Princier de Monaco, but nothing all that special.

To view the photo please click the link: LeTrip.org

*Thanks and credit given to Miss Waynfleet, from Royal Dish, for finding this information/card first!    🙂

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HSH Prince Albert of Monaco Wishes You a Happy New Year

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco wishes the Monégasques and you — that’s right you — a happy New Year.

Per Nice-Matin via the Palais Princier de Monaco PR people, here is HSH Prince Albert’s speech:

Dear compatriots, dear friends,
I am pleased to express warm wishes I form for each and everyone of you, at the dawn of the new year.
In this period plagued by signs of economic recovery and where environmental concerns are now better understood, I would hope that we all recognize the need to adopt a lifestyle looking to the future. Together, demonstrating our confidence in the future and witness a real solidarity, both with our loved ones in our country and beyond our borders, with the disadvantaged.
The crisis has undoubtedly had the merit to show the collective dimension of ethical issues and to remind us that we must all work together. The uncertain financial environment and, in general, the tests require us to put our collective intelligence to build a more harmonious and just.
“Our upcoming projects or efface the past, nor extend the présent.Ils”
In a few days, we commemorate the centennial of the 1911 Constitution. I wanted to surround the celebration of a certain solemnity, but also a certain proximity, so that we remember that the Principality has always built on the union of the prince of Monaco and even in troubled times or difficult. In our country, every generation has always added a stone to those posed by its predecessors, our institutions are in cement. It is in this line that the Principality part, aware of its limitations, but animated by the desire to overcome them. Our future projects or efface the past nor the present. They extend.
1 and 2 July, the population of Monaco and Charlene accompany myself to celebrate our marriage, expressing publicly the union between our dynasty and the people of Monaco, which contemplates the continuity of the Principality.
And will open in the shared joy, a new page in our common history.
Youth in the Principality, whose desire for the future unfolds in a world of investing, I wish them fully done and find, through effort, training and work, the place they aspire to occupy at the heart of society.
To our seniors, to whom we owe much, I express my gratitude, especially for transmission paths they trace for generations to come. I also express to them the hope of health and serenity.
To all those and all those who, in Monaco, by their company, their action or work, realized a project which contributes to the economic and social life of our country, I hope that their forces thrive in this achievement.
To each and everyone of you who live in our country or made an impact abroad, I repeat: “Very Happy New Year 2011”

What a guy!  Nice speech, Al.

Source: Nice-Matin Photo courtesy of The Palais Princier de Monaco.

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Monaco Princely Calendar of Engagements for January 2011

Here are some exciting engagements that will happen in Monaco in January.  I know you are thrilled to pieces, right?   🙂

On January 15, 2010, HSH Prince Albert II will attend the XII Archery Cup.

Then on January 19, 2010, Prince Albert will attend the 79th Annual Automobile Rally in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

From January 26-27, 2010 the Princely family will celebrate the Festival of Saint-Devote.

Finally, there are two important birthdays that will be celebrated:

  1. HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and HSH Princess of Monaco celebrates her 54th birthday on January 23, 2010.
  2. Miss Charlene Wittstock celebrates her 33rd birthday on January 25, 2010.


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