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A Pre-Wedding Concert in Berlin, Germany Honor of the Imperial Wedding

On August 26, 2011, H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg attended a pre-wedding charity concert at the Gendarmenmarkt Concert Hall in Berlin, Germany.

According to the German network, RBB, the concert was held for “…the benefit of the Princess Kira of Prussia Foundation which supports needy children.” (source)

To view photos as well as to watch a video news report please click the links below:

Photo courtesy of: Daylife by A. Rentz

‘The Last Kaiser’s Great-Great Grandson Set to Marry’: An Article from Spiegel Online. Plus, a Video News Report.

Tomorrow is the big day for H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg and this afternoon the German magazine, Spiegel, has a new article about the couple’s wedding.  Click here to read the article. 

Here is a video news report with Count Alexander von Schönburg discussing the upcoming Imperial wedding in Potsdam.  Click here to watch the video.

Photo courtesy of: Spiegel by T. Warnack

‘No Titles, No Subjects, No Problem: Germans Join Royal Wedding Craze’: An Article From the Wall Street Journal

Here are an interesting article from the American newspaper, Wall Street Journal, about H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg regarding their upcoming religious wedding in Potsdam, Germany.  Click here to read the article. 

Photo courtesy of: WSJ via Agence France-Presse

H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg: The Civil Marriage

On August 25, 2011, H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg had their civil marriage at the Potsdamer Registry.  According to Bunte magazine the ceremony lasted 30 minutes and was conducted by the Lord Mayor of Potsdam, Jann Jakobs.

To read the article in its entirety please click here.  To view photos please click here and here.

Who Will Attend the Wedding Between H.I.&R.H. Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg?

There are only two more days until the nuptials between H.I.&R.H. Georg Friedrich Prince von Preußen and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg in Potsdam, Germany and many royal watchers are wondering what royals — reigning and non-reigning — will attend the wedding.

Well, the German magazine, Bunte, is also curious about the guest-list and they have concluded that many non-reigning royals as well as nobles will attend including Prince Alois and Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, Prince Alexander and Princess Nadja of Schaumburg-Lippe, and the troubled royal, Prince Ernst August of Hanover (minus Princess Caroline of Hanover.)

Unfortunately, we will not know the complete guest-list until the day before or perhaps the day of the wedding.

To read the article from Bunte in its entirety please click here. 


Ready for Another Wedding?

So, are you ready for yet another wedding?  Are you ready for an Imperial and Royal wedding?  Thought so.   🙂

Come August 27, 2011, H.I.R.H Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia will finally marry his longtime love, Princess Sophie von Isenburg in Potsdam, Germany.

Just a friendly reminder to you all because this wedding will be huge… in Germany.  Also, expect a lot of royals from Europe to attend.  It will be an amazing wedding to say the least.  🙂

Photo courtesy of: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie von Isenburg: Wedding Information and Celebrating 950 Years of the House of Hohenzollern

In the recent edition of the German magazine,, there is a short and sweet article about H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and his lovely fiancée, Princess Sophie von Isenburg.

The journalist notes that H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich would be the Emperor of Germany today if things had been a wee bit different all those long years ago.

Anyway, there is another reason for this article:  On October 1, 2011, Burg Hohenzollern (you know that modest pad just south of Stuttgart, Germany) will celebrate 950 Years of the House of Hohenzollern.

Per the official website for the house:

We celebrate the anniversary “950 Years House Hohenzollern”. We are looking forward to welcome you, your relatives and friends. Enjoy free entrance, entertainment and a piece of birthday cake for everyone!

The interior rooms are open without guided tours at this day – so you can discover them at your own will.  For information feel free to contact our Castle staff in the interior rooms.

Admission: free

Finally, the German newspaper, Zollern-Alb Kurier, notes some interesting details about the upcoming marriage between Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie.  According to the journalist, the priests over-seeing the wedding ceremony will be Father Gregor Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck and Evangelical pastor Michael Wohlrab.  Princess Sophie will wear a veil that is a Isenburg heirloom.  The couple will leave the church in a traditional carriage.  There will be roughly 300 guests at their reception which will be held at the orangery.  The dress code:  For men a dark or cutaway suit.  For women an elegant dress or suit with a hat.

Sources courtesy of: by People PictureBurg Hohenzollern and