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(VIDEO) Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life

Here is the 2016 BBC documentary entitled, Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life.

For almost 120 years, Country Life magazine has been aspiring to capture the elusive soul of the British countryside, from muddy fields to stately homes. Jane Treays spent a year filming with the magazine, exploring the lives of those who have been bred into the land, inherited it or have simply bought into its dreams.

From a “girl in pearls” shoot in Yorkshire to a historic mansion in Dorset, via Lindisfarne Castle and a family farm in Somerset, this series captures the glory and eccentricity of the men and women who live the rural life.

So, what does this program have to do with royalty?  Well, nothing, really.  I enjoyed the documentary so I thought I would share it with all of you.


The Effervescent Life of Deborah, The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. (VIDEO)

Well, to say it is a slow news day is quite an understatement.  With that being said I believe now is a good time to post this fantastic interview with Deborah Cavendish (neè Deborah Freeman-Mitford) entitled, The Effervescent Life of Deborah, The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire.

“The youngest of the legendary Mitford sisters reminisces about her life and her correspondence with the charismatic Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, considered to be the finest English travel writer of his generation. An evening filled with wit, eccentric characters, and a celebration of courage and friendship. Charlotte Mosley, her niece and editor, joins the Dowager Duchess in conversation.”

Something Slightly Different… (VIDEOS)

p1752632dtSince it’s a slow royal news weekend I thought I would post these reality docs for you to enjoy.  Yes, I know these shows have absolutely nothing to do with royalty, but that’s okay.   🙂

With that being said if you love Downton Abbey you will love the reality docs below.   Enjoy!   🙂

Sorry, but episode 1 is missing.

Click where it says “playlist” on the video to begin the series at episode 2.

Life on a Farm series.