News Regarding His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. (VIDEO)

PalaisPrincierdeMonacoOn January 21, 2014, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco honored members of the Sûreté Publique de Monaco (public safety hence law enforcement) during a ceremony at the Sûreté Publique headquarters.

Anyway, during the ceremony the sovereign prince gave a lovely speech thanking the men as well as women for their hard work and for basically being awesome.  Here is snippet of what the sovereign prince had to say (rough translation, sorry):

“…[the] statistics of the Directorate of Public Safety for the past year [have been] very positive.

These good results are undoubtedly the result of the daily commitment of the forces of the order on the ground. By its deterrent presence and interventions when necessary Monaco police brings to our country security to which aspire residents and people who come into our territory.

This effective work of the forces of the order is the result of close relations with the economic actors and the population itself.

The public safety of Monaco developed relationships of trust and listen with economic operators. Through constant exchanges, they were sensitized on the provisions to better protect themselves as well as the various forms of crime to which they might face…”

Photo courtesy of the Palais Princier