News Regarding His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden.

cp2013Recently, His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden sat down with the Swedish Hjärt-Lungfondens (Heart-Lung Foundation) to discuss the new Hjärtepin (heart pins) that he designed as “… part of the campaign, All Kids Valentine’s month.”

Here is what the prince had to say per the official website for the Hjärt-Lungfondens:

“How was the idea born to design Heart-Lung Foundation Heart pin?

Children with heart defects has attracted much attention in recent years and has been able to pursue the matter in the media. The research is facing major challenges in terms of children born with heart defects, and I think it feels good to be able to focus on these issues.

What were your thoughts behind the design? 

Balloons to mind the children and the young at heart of all people. The Heartpin is being sold to benefit the children and all children should be able to play and play sports as they want. The heart gets a lift of the balloons in pin and I hope that all the children’s hearts also gain.

How has the Heart-Lung Foundation’s work relevant to the Prince?

My thoughts go primarily to research on children’s hearts. The Heart-Lung Foundation does important work to help heart patients to have a healthier life. So, I hope that as many schools and organizations as possible will sell Heart pin and that many will show their support for research into children’s hearts by buying them.”

To learn more about the Hjärt-Lungfonden please visit their official website here.

Photo courtesy of Kungahuset