Random Royal News Regarding Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover. Plus, News Regarding Mr. Pierre Casriaghi and His BFF Mr. Adam Hock.

On July 16, 2012, Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover was in Monte-Carlo to attend the official launch of the Chanel Jewelry Collection in Monaco.  Also, in attendance was the princess’s close friend and famed fashion designer, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld and dozens of really good-looking people with lots of money.

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And, finally, Princess Caroline’s youngest son, Mr. Pierre Casiraghi, has decided to sue a big burly dude named Mr. Adam Hock for “… unspecified damages…”  Why?  Well, if you recall on February 18, 2012, Mr. Casiraghi and Mr. Hock had a little disagreement that resulted in Mr. Hock punching Mr. Casiraghi in his pretty little face.  Anyway, Mr. Casiraghi is also suing the nightclub’s owner, Mr. Jeffery Jah, for “negligence.”

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Sources: Daylife and Reuters