His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain Leaves the San José University Hospital and Apologizes While Doing So. (VIDEOS)

On April 18, 2012, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain (the Elephant Killer) was discharged from the San José University Hospital in Madrid, Spain after having an emergency hip replacement surgery on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Prior to his departure from the hospital, the old king was met by a select group of Spanish photographers and journalists who politely asked him, “Majesty, how are you today?”  Looking slightly frail the old king responded, “I feel much better.”  The old king immediately apologized for his recent behavior stating, “I am very sorry.  It will not happen again.”  

Juan Carlos I also thanked the San José University Hospital staff for caring for the old king.  Then he hobbled his way out of the mini-press conference.

According to the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, the old king was aware of the media firestorm surrounding his recent $57, 850 luxurious elephant killing vacation he took in Botswana alongside his alleged mistress, Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and several wealthy businessmen.

The luxurious vacation angered the people of Spain not just because the old king slaughtered innocent elephants for fun, but because thousands of Euros were spent on a stupid vacation while the people of Spain are in a serious economic crisis.  As I previously mentioned in another article, unemployment in Spain is at 23.6 % and the ”…youth unemployment rate is at 50%…” according to Reuters.   Spanish debt levels are so high that the country may have to ask the European Union to bail Spain out as the EU recently did for Greece.  It is not certain, however, whether the EU would be willing to do so (or for that matter ableto do so).

Any way, Juan Carlos I is still Honorary President of the WWF España and is expected to hold a meeting in the coming days with the organization’s Secretary General, Mr. Juan Carlos del Olmo, to discuss whether the old king should keep his position.

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Sources: El Pais, Reuters, and RTVE