The WWF España “Requests a Meeting” with Juan Carlos I of Spain.

With the international outcry from thousands of animal rights groups, comments on Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, forums, etc regarding Juan Carlos I of Spain’s recent luxurious elephant killing vacation — which apparently cost $57,850 — in Botswana the WWF España has been under serious pressure to remove the old king as Honorary President of the organization.

As a result, the WWF España Secretary General, Mr. Juan Carlos del Olmo, released a statement on April 16, 2012, announcing that he has sent a letter to the Spanish royal court to request a meeting with Juan Carlos I of Spain when he is available:

I am writing to you to convey the unease and WWF concerns at recent developments related to the involvement of H.M. The King in a hunt for elephants in Africa, which has caused a huge rejection among our partners and the public in general against the hunting of elephants, even when it is in a legal and regulated manner.

For this reason, I consider it to be very urgent to hold a meeting where I can transfer of the signatures [petitions] received, assess the situation and provide a response to the thousands of people that are being directed to the WWF, inside and outside our country.

An example of this unrest are our numerous partners that are requesting his discharge from WWF España and the tens of thousands of people who have already expressed their concerns through different digital platforms to protest and to have H.M. The King resign as Honorary President of WWF España.

This unfortunate event is known worldwide at the moment and we are receiving countless comments of strong protest, which implies a serious harm to the credibility of WWF and the hard work that has been developed during more than fifty years for the protection of elephants and other species.

Click here to read the rest of the press release. (in Spanish)

If you are interested in the latest updates about this issue or if you would like to voice your thoughts, in English if you like, to the WWF España visit either their official website,  Facebook, and /or Twitter.

Source: WWF España

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5 thoughts on “The WWF España “Requests a Meeting” with Juan Carlos I of Spain.”

  1. this horrible person who likes “toro de la vega” and other bullfighting fiestas,
    a person who likes killing for fun or macho reasons,
    should be in mental hospital.
    please juan carlos,
    step down as honourable member of wwf and
    be ashamed of yourself for as long as you may live.
    saludos de louis lambooy, holanda.

  2. What the king of Spain did is really scandalous ! With so many efforts throughout the world, he goes on with killing animals.

  3. The only question to point down is that so much money spent with this weekend, when Spain and the rest of Europe is crossing such a bad moment in terms of economy.
    As a mother of a young boy, one of millions which studied to become more prepared but have no jobs, I say: “Couldn’t you give it to other better causes?”
    Before thinking about elephants, think of human beings!!!

  4. Not only was he on an elephant hunt but he was with his latest mistress who actually organized the whole damn thing and makes a living out of organizing hunts for endangered species on a regular basis for disgusting millionaires.

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