Her Majesty Queen Sophia of Spain Opens the Exhibition, ‘Tesoros Preincas de la Cultura Mochica: El Señor de Sipán, Huaca de la Luna y la Dama de Cao’

Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain opened the new exhibition entitled, Tesoros Preincas de la Cultura Mochica: El Señor de Sipán, Huaca de la Luna y la Dama de Cao, on March 27, 2012 in Cádiz, Spain.

Her Majesty was accompanied by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Mr. Jose Ignacio Wert; the Ambassador of the Republic of the Peru in Spain, Mr. Francisco Eguiguren and the Mayor of Cádiz, Ms. Teófila Martínez.

During her visit the queen, along with the curator of the exhibition, Ms. Carmen Montes and archaeologists Ricardo Morales and Leonel Walter Alva, “…received explanations the exhibits pre-Inca Moche culture and treasures…” 

According to the Spanish royal court and Cádiz2012.es:

This exhibition, organized by the Town Hall of Cádiz, unveils the pieces discovered in recent archaeological excavations in Peru.  Cádiz, the Ibero-American Capital of Culture in 2012, is the first city outside of Peru to host this exhibition in commemoration of the bicentennial of the Spanish Constitution 1812.

Artifacts on display are considered as one of the greatest treasures discovered  in recent time; comparing it comparing it with the discovery of tomb of the Maya Pacal King or the discovery of Machu Picchu.

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Source and photo courtesy of Casa de Su Majestad el Rey and Cádiz2012.es