Random Royal News Regarding the Princely House of Liechtenstein (VIDEO)

Per the newspaper Solothurner Zeitung (rough translation):

“Green Light for the Prince Initiative in Liechtenstein.”

The collection of signatures for a popular initiative to restrict the right of veto of the Princely House can begin in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The Vaduz Parliament has judged the initiative on Wednesday as constitutional.

The 25-Member Parliament unanimously followed the Government, which had sought to allow the constitutional initiative “Yes – for your vote to count” to the collection of signatures. The initial developers must have 1500 signatures together for the emergence of desire within six weeks.

The politically explosive move from among the Liechtenstein democracy movement aims that the people in urn votes have the last word. Voting decisions should be can levered no longer by the Prince or his Deputy with the so-called sanctions law.

The sanction or veto in the Liechtenstein Constitution stated that any new or amended law of the approval of the Princely House is needed. The same goes for constitutional changes. In contrast to the Switzerland, the Liechtenstein has two sovereigns: the people and the Princes.

Discussion was last fall before the vote on the legalisation of abortion the right of veto. Hereditary Prince Alois had announced before the ballot he will not sign the amendment, even if the people assume an appropriate initiative, which then but was not the case.

Waves go up

The popular initiative on the restriction of the princely veto has made already in recent weeks go up the waves in the small State. Hereditary Prince Alois stressed in his speech before the Parliament beginning of March that the Princely House is withdrawing from political life, should accept the people’s initiative.

The vote on the initiative could sharpen as already 2003 – to the question, whether the Liechtenstein people wants or not keep the monarchy in the current form.

And even before the petition last week in the Liechtenstein daily newspapers full-page ads were abandoned, recommend a no to this constitutional initiative. Further, the newspapers have repeatedly reported of anonymous threats against members of the initiative Committee.

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