It was announced by RVD via Het Koninklijk Huis, that His Royal Highness Prince Johan Friso of Oranje-Nassau has been transported from Innsbruck University Hospital in Austria to Wellington Hospital in London for further care.

Per the press announcement (rough translation):

His Royal Highness Prince Friso has arrived in London today, his hometown for the past several years.

Based on opinions by medical experts, Wellington Hospital was chosen where Prince Friso, in his current condition, can receive the best care for his needs. London also provides for his children the most prospect of continuity and stability.

Today marks an ends of a long and intensive period for the Royal family and in particular the family of Prince Friso.  Now it is time to begin the rehabilitation process, which will be tried to start.

The family of His Royal Highness Prince Friso has all the space needed to cope with the health situation of Prince Friso and life there on in to focus. The family therefore invites the media to continue the necessary privacy of the family.

Princess Mabel would like to express her gratitude for all the messages of support and expressions of sympathy, “The warm compassion in the past period has given me support and strength.  My gratitude for this is big. Thank you.

Her Majesty the Queen, Princess Mabel and her children have also departed from Lech, Austria to London.

Click here to watch a news report (in Dutch).

Source: RVD


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