‘Het Oranje Fonds, De Prins En De Prinses’ A Documentary With T.R.H.s Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands (VIDEO)

Here is the RTL4 documentary, Het Oranje Fonds, De Prins En De Prinses‘, on the occasion of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands 10th wedding anniversary.  So what is Het Oranje Fonds you may ask?  Well, according to a press release from RTL:

…the Orange Fund was established as the national wedding gift for Prince Willem-Alexander and Máxima. The Oranje Fund aims to promote the involvement of society in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. By the support people are so they are less lonely, they meet each other or they find a new place in society. So for example, contributions are given to village houses, youth centres, elderly and societies, but also shelters to projects assisted living, language lessons by volunteers and buddies and mentor initiatives. The budget of the Oranje Fund is for the most part come from the proceeds of the national postal code Lottery and Lotto. The rest comes from donations from individuals and companies. source

The program is in Dutch, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching it.  Many thanks to Gert for the link.   🙂

Click here to watch the documentary.