‘Le Rocher des Rumeurs’: A Roundtable Discussion With a Bunch of French Journalists and One Lawyer

As you know by now there are little rumors running around these days about the marriage between T.S.H.s Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II Monaco, a bride who tried to flee three times before her marriage, and two more illegitimate kids that were allegedly fathered by Prince Albert.  And, as you may have heard by now there was a little old article that was recently published in the French newspaper, L’Express, about the couple that caused a little old commotion around the world.

Anyway, a reader on Twitter sent me a video link (thanks Zoe 🙂  ) from the French television program, C dans L’air, hosted by Yves Calvi.  The subject for the evening: Le Rocher des Rumors. Guests participating in this roundtable discussion include Thierry Lacoste (lawyer) and three journalists.

I highly recommend you watch this program if you understand French.  So far, the discussion is quite interesting and balanced… in my opinion, at least.

Click here to watch.