For those of you who may have missed the funeral mass for the late H.I.R.H. Archduke Otto von Habsburg in Vienna, Austria this afternoon you may now watch it via these links:

To view photos please click the links herehereand here.  To read several articles, in German, about the late Archduke please click here.  An article from BBC News and Photos.

Photos courtesy of: Die


  1. It was impressive funeral, but as I did not understand and as I really do not like german language, to long for me… And it is really disgusting, that noone from Czech republic attended (I mean president, prime minister and people like this). I think that someone should go on funeral of our last crown prince. Only minister of foreign affairs Karel Schwarzenberg was there , but he was there as a privite person.

    1. Actually, he was there officially on behalf of the Czech Government, as well as privately as head of the Bohemian House of Schwarzenberg.

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