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Pope Benedict XVI to Visit the Principality of Monaco in 2012

The French newspaper, Nice-Matin, is reporting that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will visit the Principality of Monaco sometime in 2012.  Now the Riviera Times has picked up on the story though they remain skeptical.

Per the Riviera Times:

Although the date that the religious leader will land in the Principality is still not officially set in stone yet, Archbishop Bernard César Barsi has revealed that he will celebrate a Catholic Solemn Mass in the Stade Louis II. It’s estimated that around 22,000 faithful followers will fill the stadium to worship with and to see in person the German-born head of the Catholic Church.

Ahead of this mass, it is planned for the Bishop of Rome, to pay a visit to the palace, the official residence of the Prince of Monaco, and to then join local cardinals at the Principality’s cathedral.

To read the article in its entirety please click the link:  Riviera Times Article