The Documentary ‘Máxima: Portrait of a Princess’ Now Available to Watch Online


The highly anticipated documentary, Máxima: Portrait of a Princess, is now available online.  It’s in Dutch, obviously, and yes, it is worth watching so enjoy!   🙂

Please click the link here to watch.

***Exclusive cover photo of H.R.H. Princess Máxima the Netherlands, given to The Royal Correspondent by and published on this site with permission from: AD Magazine/De MediaVilla.  Please DO NOT copy this image from this site!***

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A Happy Early Birthday to H.R.H. Princess Máxima of the Netherlands!

On May 17, 1971, the soon to be Princess Máxima of the Netherlands was born to Jorge and María Zorreguieta in Buenos Aires, Argentina and by all accounts she had a wonderful childhood.

Upon graduating from the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Argentina, where she majored in Economics, the intelligent and vivacious Ms. Zorreguieta quickly found a job with one of the leading finance companies in Argentina.  Soon, she moved to New York City where she was employed by the international finance company, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson.

In 1999, Ms. Zorreguieta went on holiday to Spain where she met a kind, funny, and gracious man who introduced himself to the beautiful blonde as Alexander.  Now, this was no ordinary man… he was heir to the throne in the Netherlands.  His true and full name: H.R.H. Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, Prince of Orange, Prince of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau.

The two hit it off right away and love quickly blossomed.   Their relationship was long distance at first.  Then, Ms. Zorreguieta finally made the move to Europe to be closer to Willem-Alexander.

On March 31, 2001, the couple announced their engagement.  Less than a year later, on February 2, 2002, the couple married in a lavish religious and civil ceremonies in Amsterdam. The bride wore a beautiful Ivory colored wedding gown embroidered with delicate lace by world famous fashion designer, Valentino.  Her lovely Star tiara was once owned by the late Her Majesty Queen Emma of the Netherlands. The princess’s bouquet was made up of gardenias, lily of the valley, and white roses. H.R.H. Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange looked nice as well, but all eyes were on the new princess… H.R.H. Princess Máxima of the Netherlands.

Today, the couple have three daughters and the princess is greatly admired and loved in her country.

In celebration of Princess Máxima’s 40th birthday, as well as to celebrate her ten years as princess in the Netherlands, famed photographer Erwin Olaf, was commissioned by AD Magazine to photograph the princess.  According to a press release sent to The Royal Correspondent, the photo shoot took place in late April at Noordeinde Palace.

The final cover shot of the princess is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen of her and it seems that I am not the only one who believes this.  According to Mr. Olaf, he was thrilled with the outcome of the photo shoot, “The Princess has a special personality, she’s attractive and very photogenic.”  AD Magazine editor, Chris Ruesink, is also very proud of the images by Mr. Olaf.  Furthermore, he is also enthusiastic about the upcoming issue with the stunning photograph of Princess Máxima:

We wanted [to do] something for her 40th birthday, a jubilee year.  It is truly an an honor to have the best photographers in the Netherlands, Erwin Olaf, [to photograph Princess Máxima]… we are very impressed.

The issue of AD Magazine will be released tomorrow, May 14, 2011.  Inside the issue, there is a special extended editorial which includes “… a look back over the last ten years of Princess Máxima of the Netherlands…” an interview with her parents, Jorge and María Zorreguieta and much more.

Finally, as I previously reported on May 16, 2011, the new documentary, Máxima: Portrait of a Princess, will air on the Dutch television network, NOS, at 8:30pm.  In the meantime, this afternoon released several clips from the program which you can watch here. 

To watch the engagement as well as royal wedding between H.R.H. Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange and H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands please click the links here,  here, here, here, and here.

So, there you have it… Happy Birthday, Princess Máxima!!!

Exclusive photo of H.R.H. Princess Máxima the Netherlands, given to The Royal Correspondent by and published on this site with permission by: AD Magazine/De MediaVilla.

***Thank you very much, Linda, everyone at De MediaVilla, and AD Magazine!  I appreciate your kindness and generosity for sharing this stunning image of Princess Máxima as well as information with me. ***     🙂

Note to viewers: Please DO NOT copy this image of H.R.H. Princess Maxima from this site.  Thank you.

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H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands Attends an Art Exhibit in Honor of Her Ten Years as Princess. Oh! And, She’s Turning the Big 4-0 on May 17, 2011.

In less than ten days, H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, will turn 40 years old; moreover, next year — February 2, 2012 —  the vivacious princess will celebrate ten years as a princess.

So, in honor of her upcoming ten-year mark as well as her birthday an exhibit opened at the stunning Het Loo Palace this afternoon highlighting Princess Maxima’s life.  According to PPE the exhibit, “… highlights the position of the Princess in the Royal family, her various social functions and her fashion style.”  Attendees included Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands along with — you guessed it — Princess Maxima.  H.R.H. Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange was not present.  He’s in Greenland at the invitation of the World Wildlife Fund.  

To view photos from today’s event please click the links here and here.   To watch a video please click the links here and  here. 

Finally, several weeks ago I reported about the upcoming documentary entitled, Máxima: Portrait of a Princess, that will air on May 16, 2011, and I just wanted to remind my awesome readers from the Netherlands to not miss this program.  It sounds as if it will be an interesting one.

So, yeah, watch it if you can.   🙂

Source: PPE  Photo courtesy of:  Daylife by Mark Renders/Getty Images Europe

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2011 Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day) in the Netherlands

The Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day) is always a fantastic event for avid royal watchers, and more importantly for the people of the Netherlands and this year did not disappoint.

This national holiday,held on April 30, honors Her Majesty Queen Beatrix’s birthday and this year the day was held at in the cities of Thorn and Weert, Netherlands.  The entire Dutch royal family including — of course — Her Majesty Queen Beatrix.  The queen mingled with the crowd of well-wishers and local dignitaries.  As usual there were lots of fun games, laughter, tons of food, and in the end it seems as if everyone — including the people of Thorn and Weert — had a blast.

To watch several videos please click the link here and here. To view photos please click here.

To learn more about Koningginnedag 2011 please click here. 

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Blauw Bloed: Weekly Video News and Activities with All Your Favorite Royals

Good Morning everyone and Happy Easter to all!    🙂

Well, it’s Sunday and you know what that means.  Yup, it is time for this week’s installment from the Dutch royal program, Blawu Bloed.  This week Blauw Bloed host, Jeroen Snel, is in London where he focuses on the upcoming wedding between H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.  Of course, there is much more covered in this episode including all the activities from the Dutch royal house.

So click the link where it says Voorruitblik Op Huwelijk Van Het Jaar and enjoy!

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H.R.H. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Participates in an Opening of a Nature Preserve

On April 19, 2011, H.R.H. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands participated in the opening of Volgermeerpolder Nature Preserve in the Netherlands.  The crown prince was on hand, along with hundreds of attendees, to not only open this great new reserve, but also to unveil a lovely statue in honor of the workers (did that make any sense?   🙂 )

According to the online Dutch newspaper,, the Volgermeerpolder:

… in North Amsterdam was one of the largest waste dumps in our country. The former landfill, with a size of 100 acres housed as many as ten thousand barrels of dioxins and benzenes. Now, after the remediation largest ever in the Netherlands, the heavily polluted site transformed into a nature preserve.

Any way, there are many great photos from today’s opening so please click the link here to view.

Source and photo courtesy of: by AP Photos/SPD

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The Queen in Germany (De koningin in Duitsland): A Video Wrap-Up from the Dutch State Visit to Germany

The Dutch television network,, has just released the half hour video documentary entitled De Koningin in Duitsland (The Queen in Germany) about the recent state Dutch visit to, where else, Germany.  The program covers everything from the regal gala dinner in Berlin to Dresden and much more.

Please click the link to watch:  Video 

To view photos from the last two days of the state visit please click these links: herehere, here,  and here.  Plus,  a nice article here.

Photo courtesy of: by Pool/Getty Images Europe

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Day Two of the Dutch Visit to Germany

Late this afternoon in Berlin, Germany, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands along with T.R.H.s Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, attended a “…circus workshop for children…”  (Daylife)

The royal trio along with Bettina Wulff, wife of the German President, seemed to enjoy the day as they watched the myriad of performers doing their super cool circus stuff (I don’t know how to describe it, sorry.)  🙂  Anyway, prior to the circus event the royal trio had a chance to visit the Brandenburg Gate, then take a lovely boat tour along the river Spree with the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.  Finally, it was lunch time!

All in all it seems to have been a great day for all!  🙂

Later on this evening Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and the Crown Princely couple will attend a classical music concert.  Photos can be viewed here.

To watch a video clip from today’s event please click the link here.

To view photos from their Berlin adventures please click the links here, here, and here.

Photo courtesy of: Day Life by Reuters Gero Breloer/Pool

Source: Het Koninklijk Huis

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Maxima, A Portrait of a Princess: A New Documentary

In one month — May 17 to be exact — H.R.H. Princess Máxima of the Netherlands will turn 40 years old.  In honor of her big turning point day, a new documentary about her life as a Princess will air on Dutch television on May 16, 2011 entitled, Máxima: Portrait of a Princess.

According to the Dutch online newspaper,

From the moment Princess Máxima and Prince Willem-Alexander were officially proposed [engaged] she stole the hearts of the Dutch people and in this past decade she as become the most popular member of the royal family. At the same time, Máxima is a modern woman who combines motherhood with a business career.

The NOS was given the opportunity to view the princess during work days and family family life. During the broadcast you will also see Princess Máxima during her work for the United Nations and, for example, the Oranje Fonds and the Dutch Council for Microfinance.

Thus, NOS was there when the princess, around the annual General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, spoke with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Overall, this new documentary seems that it will be quite interesting and most likely should not be missed.  At this time, it is unclear if the program will be available online for international viewers; however, if and when it does I will be sure to post a link.  In the meantime, I hope my Dutch readers will have a chance to watch the documentary about Princess Máxima and let me know what they thought of it.

To read the article in its entirety please click the link:

Source: Photo courtesy of: by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe

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Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Crown Princely Couple on a State Visit to Germany: Day One

On April 12, 2011, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands along with T.R.H.s Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands began a four-day state visit to Germany this afternoon.

The royal trio were warmly greeted by the President of Germany, Christian Wulff, at Bellevue Palace in Berlin, Germany.  After a quick meeting as well as lunch with the President, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix spoke with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, about “…the bilateral relationship and discuss cross-border cooperation.” ( Next on the agenda were discussions with representatives from various Dutch and German corporations and the economy.

Soon, it was off to visit the Neue Wache War Memorial where Her Majesty Queen Beatrix “… laid down a wreath…” in remembrance of all those who were “… victims of war and tyranny.” (Daylife)

And, finally this evening there was a lovely gala dinner at the Bellevue Palace.  Click to see the photos here.

The state visit to Germany will continue for the next few days whereupon the royal trio will have a chance to visit Dresden and Düsseldorf.

To view the myriad of photos from today please click the links:  Photos galoremore photos, and even more photos.

To watch a video of their Dutch royals arrival, with commentary from Royalty Magazine, please click the link here.

Another video of their arrival, activities, and gala dinner:  Video

Source: and Daylife Photo courtesy of: by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe

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T.R.H.s Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima to Attend the Princely Wedding in Monaco

It was announced this afternoon, per the Government Information Service (GIS), that T.R.H.s Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands will attend the upcoming princely wedding in Monaco on July 1 and 2, 2011.


The prince and princess are the only members of the Dutch royal family that are waiting in Monte Carlo. Willem-Alexander and Albert know each other through their work for the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Other confirmations from various royal and princely houses will be announced as the wedding approaches.

Source: Photo courtesy of: by Bauer Griffin

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Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands in Vietnam

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands are currently in Vietnam for an official visit.  The couple’s schedule is a hectic yet interesting one. The purpose of the visit, according to the official website for the Dutch royal house:

The visit is aimed at strengthening relations between the two countries, with emphasis on economic cooperation. Vietnam is an emerging market in a dynamic region, where opportunities for the Netherlands. In the trade mission are the water, delta technology, agro technology, maritime, oil and gas and transportation and logistics center.

Their first stop will be Hanoi where they will meet with various business men, local dignitaries, and of course the President of Vietnam, Nguyen Minh Triet.  Discussions will be about economics, agriculture, and much more.  Then the couple will travel to Ho Chi Minh City.  The visit will end on March 31, 2011.

To watch a video of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima’s arrival please click the link: News clip

To view photos please click the link:  Photos galore, more, and more.

For more information about the visit to Vietnam and to see photos as well as to read the speech by H.R.H. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands please click the link: Het Koninklijk Huis

Source and Photo courtesy of: Het Koninklijk Huis by ANP Photo: Robin Utrecht.

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Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands to Attend the British Royal Wedding

On March 18, 2011, the RVD announced that H.R.H. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands will attend the upcoming British royal wedding on April 29, 2011.

Unfortunately, it seems, so far, that Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will not attend.

Finally, the lovely Dutch couple are also expected to announce their acceptance to the upcoming Princely wedding in Monaco on July 1 and 2, 2011.

Source: Photo courtesy of: by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

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