His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain: Hunting Innocent Animals for “Fun” and Breaks His Hip While Doing So.


On Friday, April 13, 2012, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain was on a “private hunting trip” in Botswana, Africa where he, along with his not exactly animal loving friends, where happily shooting and killing innocent elephants for “fun”.

Apparently, during his fun-filled day of watching innocent elephants suffer after being shot then slowly dying His Majesty had an “accidental fall” thus fracturing his “… right hip in three places.”

Well, I suppose you are expecting me to feel bad for the old king, right?  Frankly, I don’t… that is what he gets for killing such beautiful creatures for “fun”.

Any way, King Juan Carlos I “…underwent surgery on Saturday morning at the San José Hospital in Madrid…” according to the BBC news.

The accident prone king has undergone four operations within the past two years according to AFP news.  In June 2011, His Majesty was:

… given an artificial right knee-joint. In September 2011 he had a torn Achilles tendon repaired. In November 2011 the king wore sunglasses at an official ceremony to hide a black eye that a palace spokesman said he sustained when he was ‘hit by a doorknob.’  May 2010, he had a benign tumour removed from a lung.

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Sources: BBC News and AFP News

8 thoughts on “His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain: Hunting Innocent Animals for “Fun” and Breaks His Hip While Doing So.”

  1. Is he kidding. How is a king allowed to hunt animals for fun? He should be ashamed. All of Spain should be. When will people realize hunting is so awful and soo wrong. Innocent animals are killed and become extinct. I agree with you, I’m glad he broke his friggin’ hip. Karma is a bee-yotch.

    1. Hi Lauren. I’m Spanish and I can tell you that if not the whole nation, a lot of Spanish people feels as bad as you for the fact that our own king kills animals in organized hunting trips. I’ve just listened a radio program where ALL of the guests expressing their opinion via telephone where against that sad fact.

  2. This guy is a complete disgrace for this country in need. He loves killing animals for fun, has been practising big game hunting since much younger

  3. is a big fan of bullfighting and just does not care abut whats going on in with his people. Spending this kind of money to shoot innocent animals, while people can’t pay to go to the doctor, should resolve in taking away his royal title and royal allowances.

  4. I thought Elephants were protected. Obviously not if you’re rich and / or royal. I don’t get it. I can’t see him actually eating the animal he killed.

  5. This a-hole philanderer is a disgrace to his country. Hope he has a slow, miserable recovery. What a schmuck!

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