Her Royal Highness Princess Maxima of the Netherlands Visits the Stichting Piëzo in Zoetermeer

Her Royal Highness Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was in Zoetermeer where she visited the Stichting Piëzo (Foundation Piëzo) on April 12, 2012.  The princess was accompanied by the director of the Oranje Fonds, Mr. Van der Giessen and the mayor of Zoetermeer.

According to RVD, Stichting Piëzo is an “… organization that encourages participation, emancipation and integration with the inhabitants of  Zoetermeer…”  

Any way, Princess Maxima met with volunteers as well as students at one of the Piëzo Centrum (the foundation’s center) who are participating in a Dutch language program which is funded by the Oranje Fonds.  According to the official website for the Stichting Piëzo there are four center’s in:

… four districts in Zoetermeer where a large amount of activities are offered to the inhabitants of Zoetermeer. A team of 12 professionals in these centres supports a group of more than 220 volunteers. A wide range of language courses and activities are organized in these centers daily.

For more information about Stichting Piëzo please visit their official website here.

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Sources: RVD, Stichtingpiezo.nl and Dichtbij.nl