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The Royal Correspondent is a website which is intended to provide reliable information and daily news, with a dash of wit and humor, regarding various Imperial, Royal, and Princely houses in Europe, the Middle East, and Japan for a wider audience.

The views expressed by the author of The Royal Correspondent — hence Moi — does not necessarily reflect the views of (TRC‘s web-host), those who link The Royal Correspondent, the author’s elderly father, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, boyfriend, ex-boyfriends, past and/or present co-workers, old professors, old university classmates, the employees at NASA, the creators of South Park, professional archivists and historians in the United States, those who eat at the Veggie Grill and/or Chipotle restaurants in southern California, Vegans and animals lovers throughout the United States, those who practice Kundalini, Hatha, or Vinyasa yoga, surfers from Hermosa, Redondo and/or Palos Verdes, CA or from state of Hawai’i, the entire population of the state of California, Democrats, or any other blood relative, living or dead, that the author of The Royal Correspondent has no idea about.

First, the information, rather commentary, that is written on The Royal Correspondent is all my original work unless otherwise noted (i.e. quotes as well as translations.) Some of the images posted on The Royal Correspondent are used with permission (hence sent to Moi) by the photographer, photo agency or from a particular Royal, Grand Ducal and/or Princely house. Unless otherwise specifically noted, none of the images seen on The Royal Correspondent are my own nor do I claim them to be. Some of the images seen on The Royal Correspondent are from reputable photographic media outlets and/or official websites of a royal or princely house to which I always give credit including the name of the photographer and the original source link.  If you are the owner of any of the photos that have appeared on The Royal Correspondent, and do not wish to have them appear on this site, please email me immediately and I will promptly remove them.

Second, if you click any of the links on The Royal Correspondent you will be redirected to another site hosted by another party. The author of The Royal Correspondent does not have any responsibility for, or control over, any of these sites, their content or their privacy policies.  By clicking the links on The Royal Correspondent you are willingly, knowingly, and doing so at your own risk.

Third, please do not copy and paste any of the author’s — hence Moi — original writings to another site without permission.  In other words, reproduction of written material from any of The Royal Correspondent pages without the author’s permission is strictly prohibited. Instead, please link The Royal Correspondent to your own site and give credit.  If you see a photo on this site and would like to use them on your site, please go directly to the original source and give credit.

Fourth, the original commentary on The Royal Correspondent is the sole opinion of the author — hence Moi — and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, race, individual, or a specific royal or princely house — reigning or non-reigning — around the world past and present.

Finally, I am not nor have been affiliated with any of Imperial, Royal, or Princely house, reigning or non-reigning, discussed on The Royal Correspondent… that should be quite obvious by now.

~ Alexandra, The Royal Correspondent  

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