Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Jumps Out of an Airplane.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands visited the Defense Para School (DPS) in Breda.

Since 2008, the Defense Para School (DPS), which falls under the Commando Troops Corps of the Royal Netherlands Army, provides parachute training for the Dutch Armed Forces.

According to RVD, the DPS trains 800 to 1000 soldiers annually. The training is primarily intended for the Special Forces of the Commando Corps and the Marine Corps. The DPS also provides paratrooper training for the Airmobile Brigade of the Army. 

The day began with a briefing on the responsibilities of the DPS. Her Majesty also spoke with military personnel about their training and with instructors about their activities and operational deployment in missions.

Thereafter, Her Majesty toured the DPS Training Hall, where she became acquainted with DPS personnel and equipment; moreover, her Majesty was informed about the:

“…three instruction groups, such as free fall and automatic opening and dropping loads on a parachute from a transport aircraft. Her Majesty also watched a demonstration of the parachute folding and at the jumping tower. 

The DPS also provides training for so-called tandem masters. In a tandem jump, the passenger is attached to a specially trained parachutist and then lands together on a parachute. By means of a tandem, when paratroopers are deployed, specialists, such as doctors or interpreters, can also be taken along without having been trained as paratroopers.”

Once Her Majesty’s tour was over, she suited up with her tandem master, got on a plane, then proceeded to jump out of the airplane. She landed safely, by the way. 🙂

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