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(VIDEOS) Emperor Naruhito of Japan Meets with the President of the United States.


On the morning of Monday, May 23, 2022, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Naruhito of Japan welcomed the President of the United States, Mr. Joseph R. Biden, to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

After a brief photo-op for the press at the entrance to the Imperial Palace, the Emperor and President Biden held a half-hour meeting. Discussions focused on the measures taken against the Coronavirus and water issues, a topic on which Emperor Naruhito has focused on for years. President Biden also noted that Japan is the most stratgeic partner for the United States in the Asia Pacific region; moreover, the two countries have a strong bond. In turn, Emperor Naruhito expressed hope that the United States and Japan relations will “…continue to strengthen and that the friendship and goodwill between Japan and the United States would advance even more with the visit”…”

In a White House press release, President Biden’s visit was “…intended to offer greetings on behalf of the American people, highlighting the strength of the U.S.-Japan relationship anchored by deep people-to-people ties.”

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