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Emeritus King Juan Carlos I Returns to Palacio de La Zarzuela to Spend Time with His Family.


On Monday, May 23, 2022, Emeritus King Juan Carlos I returned to Palacio de La Zarzuela in Madrid to spend time with his somewhat estranged family.

In a rare move, the Spanish royal court released a statement regarding this afternoon’s family reunion:

“As indicated in the statement made public by the House of His Majesty The King on May 18, Emeritus King Juan Carlos I has been today with his family at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

His Majesty The King and Emeritus King Juan Carlos I have had a long conversation about family issues as well as about different events and their consequences in Spanish society since the King’s father decided to move to Abu Dhabi on August 3, 2020.

Next, a family lunch was held, attended by Their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, the Princess Sofía, Emeritus King Juan Carlos I and Emeritus Queen Sofía, as well as the Princess Elena and her children, and the Princess Margarita and Don Carlos Zurita. Princess Sofía has not been able to share lunch having tested positive for Covid upon her return from Miami, although she has remained with the rest of the family in the lunch room provided with the mandatory mask and the corresponding ventilation measures.

Late in the afternoon, Emeritus King Juan Carlos I has embarked on his return trip to Abu Dhabi. As was made public, in his letter to His Majesty The King dated March 5, Emeritus King Juan Carlos I first stated his desire to establish his permanent and stable place of residence in Abu Dhabi for personal reasons; and secondly, his decision to organize his personal life and his place of residence in areas of a private nature, both during his visits and if he were to reside in Spain again in the future, to continue enjoying as private as possible.

All this, together with the other points that appear in said letter, constitute the reference framework for the activities of Emeritus King Juan Carlos I.

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