(VIDEOS) TRHs The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Begin Their Two-Day Visit to Scotland.

On the morning of Tuesday, May 11, 2022, Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their two-day visit to Scotland.

The day began at the St. John’s Primary School in Port Glasgow where they participated in a Roots of Empathy session with students. According to Kensington Palace, the session is an “…unique approach [that] helps children build their empathy and understanding of a baby’s needs and emotions.”

Thereafter, the popular royal couple visited the Wheatley Group in Kennishead where they were informed about the challenges of homelessness in Scotland, “…Wheatley Group’s work is transforming the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Mitigating the impact of poverty, maximizing access to employment, and fighting homelessness…” according to Kensington Palace.

In the afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the University of Glasgow. Whilst there, the royal couple spoke with various students about “…mental health and their well-being, particularly pertinent during what is currently exam season at the University.”