HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium in Trouble Again!

Once again, His Royal Highness Prince Laurent of Belgium found himself in trouble with the authorities.

So, what did he do this time? Well, it seems the 58-year-old prince — younger brother of His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium — failed to update his inspection and registration papers for his classic car, a Porsche, to Belgian version of the DMV. The troubled prince hasn’t done a thing with the vehicle since 2014.

Anyway, the privileged prince thought that it was okay to still drive his car all over Belgium without the proper paperwork. Last June 2021 in Tervuren, Prince Laurent was caught on a traffic-cam driving his Porsche without a license plate, registration and inspection papers. As a result, he was ordered to appear in court.

Yesterday, Prince Laurent appeared in court in Louvain, Belgium, to face the judge and explain why he hasn’t completed his paperwork since 2014. “It was difficult to get an appointment with the technical inspection.  I also have health problems and, with the Covid, I could not go to the inspection agency. It took time, that’s all…” noted the prince. He went on to say, “…I had taken the plates off and it was no longer registered, but I do have insurance on it!”

In the end, the judge ordered Prince Laurent to pay a fine of 200 Euro plus 80 Euros in legal fees, and 22 Euros to the Second Line Legal Aid Fund which was created to allow litigants to call on their Pro-Deo services (Pro-Deo in legal terms means without charge.)

Once the hearing was over, Prince Laurent whined to a journalist from, 7Sur7 News, that “…So much attention for something so small , I do not understand.”