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His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan in Washington D.C.


As you may or may not know by now His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan is currently in Washington D.C., to hold meetings with various members of the United States Senate, the House of Representatives, private organizations and of course President Barack Obama.

Yesterday, His Majesty met with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Mr. John Boehner, and this morning His Majesty met with super awesome Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Politico, the Vice President and His Majesty, accompanied by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah, held their lovely breakfast meeting at the Naval Observatory.  Discussions focused on bilateral relations, the Syrian crisis, etc, etc, etc…

Afterward, His Majesty met with Senate Majority Leader, Mr. Harry Reid, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Ms. Barbara Mikulski, and a bunch of other extremely important and powerful people in Washington D.C.

Tomorrow, His Majesty King Abdullah II will met with President Barack Obama at the White House.

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