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Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan Visit Turkey. (VIDEOS)


On March 5, 2013, Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan arrived in Ankara, Turkey for a two-day official visit at the invitation of the President of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gül.

After a welcoming ceremony at the Ankara International Airport and a brief visit to the Mustafa Kemel Atatürk mausoleum His Majesty participated a meeting with President Gül at the Çankaya presidential palace.

Discussions focused on bilateral and regional issues as well as the crisis in Syria in which he called for “…a comprehensive political solution that puts an end to the bloodshed and restore the security and stability in Syria, and preserve the unity of its people and territory.” His Majesty also “…expressed concern over the security of Jerusalem and its holy sites [Muslim and Christian]…” according to various sources.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty Queen Rania attended a luncheon with First Lady Hayrünnisa Gül inside the Ottman Hall at the Çankaya presidential palace.

In the evening, Their Majesties attended a gala dinner held in their honor.


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