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The Woman Who Sold the Infamous Photos of His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales Plans to Release New Images and a Video. Sad.


Well, things are about to get worse for His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales.  The woman who took the images of Prince Harry in his birthday suit, during a party in his VIP suite at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas, is about to release new images of the prince along with a video.

According to the British newspaper, The Mirror, the unnamed woman “… is close to signing a broadcast and magazine deal totaling one million-dollars…” to reveal all.

Apparently, the deal includes an “… interview with a U.S. TV show and several magazines.”  I suppose the show would be Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.  As for the magazines, perhaps they would include People, US, National Enquirer or worse that crappy rag known as, In Touch.


Click here to read the entire article from The Mirror.

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