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Royal News Regarding His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium and Their Royal Highnesses Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium.


On June 19, 2012, His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium was at Château de Laeken where he held an audience with the Secretary of State for the Fight Against Social and Tax Fraud, Mr. John Crombez.

Meanwhile in Brussels, His Royal Highness Prince Philippe of Belgium attended the 2012 Prix du Fonds Prince Philippe Award ceremony held at the Palais des Academies.

According to the official website for the Belgian monarchy the Prix du Fonds Prince Philippe are presented annually to:

…one or more initiatives stimulating dialogue and exchanges between the three communities of our [Belgium] country. This can be partnerships between organizations from two or more communities or initiative specific to an organization aimed at building bridges between communities.

The winners received a crisp piece of paper with their name on it and a check for 15,000 Euros.  Not bad.   🙂

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And, finally, this evening at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth in Waterloo, Princess Mathilde of Belgium attended the ceremony Prix de la Fondation Futur 21.  The foundation supports educational, humanitarian and medical projects which “… gives priority to children and young adults.”

Source: La Monarchie Belge

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