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Their Serene Highnesses Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco On Holiday in Antigua


Honestly, I feel bad for posting this, but since many are interested in the princely couple of Monaco, well, what the hell.   🙂

Any way… over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene were in Antigua enjoying the sun as well as other water activities.

According to the newspaper, Caribarena News, Prince Albert II thoroughly enjoyed his stay on the island of Antigua stating, “The environment, the service, and the accommodations at the resort all lend to a remarkable stay…”  Princess Charlene agreed whereupon she noted, “I enjoyed the remarkable music that was produced by the steel band that entertained us at the resort, and I look forward to welcoming to Monaco in the near future a steel band from Antigua & Barbuda for one of our festivals.”  

In a private meeting with Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Winston Baldwin, the prince and princess of Monaco, “…discussed possible ways of Antigua & Barbuda and Monaco collaborating in tourism and sports.”  

Click here to view photos of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco on holiday in Antigua.

Sources Vanity Fair Italy and Caribarena News

Photo courtesy of Caribarena News

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