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H.R.H. Prince Laurent of Belgium Continues to Behave like a Giant Douche


The world’s biggest pain in the okole, H.R.H. Prince Laurent of Belgium, continues to embarrass himself on an international level.

So what did he do this time?  During the Imperial wedding festivities in Germany last month the Belgian prince, who looks like Peter Griffin from the show Family Guy, had a hissy fit prior to and during the charity concert held at the Opera House in Berlin. According to onlookers, the prince refused to walk the red carpet in front of the Opera House like everyone else.

Excusez-moi! Je suis le Prince Laurent de Belgique! Je mérite un meilleur siège!

Arriving 32 minutes late in he sped past attendees in his jet black Porsche and  then proceeded to park in handicapped zone.  After barely making it up the short flight of stairs he was none too pleased with his seating assignment inside the Opera House. So he complained like a baby, but alas he didn’t get his way.

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