H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover Attend the 2011 Global Champions Tour in Monte-Carlo

It sure has been a busy week for H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, and this afternoon he had a chance to attend the 2011 Global Champions Tour in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.  Joining him at this world-class equestrian event was his older sister the lovely H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover.

The royal and princely duo watched Princess Caroline’s daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, participate in the competition where she placed 3rd.  Miss  Casriaghi is also the honorary president of the Monaco Horse Show whereupon she released an official statement on the Global Champions Tour website noting:

I am proud to present this year’s Monaco Horse Show and Pro-Am Cup and it is my great pleasure to welcome the international riders, sponsors and spectators to three-days of high quality equestrian sport. (source)

After the event was over their was another cocktail party which the young equestrian attended.  It is unknown if H.S.H. Prince Albert and H.R.H. Princess Caroline attended as well.

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To learn more about the Global Champions Tour please visit their official website here.

Source and photos courtesy of: Daylife/Reuters/Eric Gaillard and Tony Barson/GettyImages