German Magazines OBSESSED with Charlene Wittstock’s Lips. No, Really… They Are.

For the past several months two of the biggest magazines in Germany, Bild and Bunte, have been obsessed with the future Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, lips.

What makes me say that, you may ask?  Well, both magazines have reported about her lips in the past and this week they are at it again… like two homeless crack addicts in need of their fix.

Both Bild and Bunte are reporting this week — again — about how Miss Wittstock’s lips have magically ballooned/plumped up within a span of three months.  Both journalists from Bild and Bunte have taken precious time out their lives to seriously investigate this situation.  So darn dedicated these two award-winning journalists are they have decided to hire several well-known German plastic surgeons to determine whether or not Miss Wittstock had her lips done.

According to one prominent German plastic surgeon, Dr. Wolfgang Kümpel, who spoke to Bunte magazine regarding “Lipgate 2011”:

‘It is quite obvious that they injected [Hyaluronic acid] under her upper lip,’ Kümpel noted, ‘… it is well done. Not too much, very appropriate.  In particular, the fuller upper lip is advantageous because otherwise she has a very thin upper lip. Now the whole thing looks harmonious.’  According to a beauty expert, Charlene’s upper lip was likely injected with the Hyaluronic acid, Juvederm.  The cost: 300 to 400 Euros per session, the procedure must be repeated every six months.

No S***!

It doesn’t take a freaking genius to figure out that YES she has had her lips done.  So what of it?  Who cares. It’s not like her lips have affected the world’s economy or caused major famine in undeveloped countries for heaven’s sake.

Now, do I think her new lips look nice on her?  Honestly, no.  The future of Princess of Monaco looked quite lovely before.  There was no need, in my opinion, for her to plump her lips up.  She’s a lovely looking woman and a soon-to-be great asset to the princely family of Monaco… she doesn’t need to enhance anything.  In my opinion, at least.   🙂

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5 thoughts on “German Magazines OBSESSED with Charlene Wittstock’s Lips. No, Really… They Are.”

  1. I agree that she looked MUCH better before. And yes, who cares, but I may be old-fashioned, but I still think that royals should set an example for their “people” and plastic surgery, to me, is not very edifying . I am surprised that they didn’t question a breast enlargement which I think she may also have had…

    1. I completely agree with you, Beth. 🙂 Nevertheless, I honestly believe she will do well in her future role as princess of Monaco… only time will tell. 🙂

      1. And I agree with you again! Yes! She’ll do well – she is poised and relaxed. And they’ll have lots of cute babies!

  2. Charlene Wittstock, sadly will never replace the beautiful Grace Kelly. As one Monegasque lady said to me during my stay in Monaco a few days ago, “She is a pale copy”. However, the Wedding on July 2nd next will delight many and will continue to help their tourist industry………afterall its all about Money.

    1. Why in the world should this young woman be expected to replace Grace Kelly? What’s ‘sad’ is people like you and the lady who called her a ‘pale copy’. What an incredibly shallow thing to think or say.

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