A New Documentary About the Death of Diana, Princess of Wales Annoys Everyone at the Cannes Film Festival

If you haven’t heard by now there is a new documentary film entitled, Unlawful Killing, by some British actor dude named, Keith Allen (who is apparently the father of uber-annoying singer, Lily Allen.)  The documentary “…focuses partly on the 2007/8 inquest into Diana’s death and [Mr. Allen] argues the British press failed to properly reflect its findings due to indirect pressure from the royal family.”

Interestingly enough the film was financed  — £2.5 million to be exact — by Mr. Mohammad Al-Fayed (who also makes an appearance in the film alongside infamous radio host, Howard Stern) whose son, Dodi, died in the car crash that killed Diana.

The film premiered at the world famous Cannes Film Festival causing everyone to roll their eyes, drop the F-bomb here, there and everywhere, and essentially wrote this documentary off as nothing but pure trash.  Even the leading entertainment industry newspaper, Hollywood Reporter, couldn’t hold back their disgust at this film:

… this scattergun film should not only backfire on the conspiracy theorists that cling to the notion that speeding through a Parisian tunnel with a drunken driver at the wheel is not a plausible cause of death.  If the Monty Python troupe ever wanted to lampoon conspiracy-theory filmmakers, it would be hard to top this one.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Allen has a serious axe to grind with the entire British royal family whereupon he refers to them as “… the Mafia in tiaras…”   During this evening’s press conference in Cannes, Mr. Allen defended his film to a packed audience whereupon he proclaimed:

This [documentary] not a sensationalist film. I didn’t want to make a sensationalist film. I don’t believe it is a sensationalist film. I think it is a very forensic analysis of a process, a British legal process, and I think it reveals things that, I’m sorry, don’t add up. It is not an attack on the monarchy… I’m questioning the role of the Establishment.

When confronted by reporters regarding Mr. Al-Fayed’s £2.5 million financial involvement with the film Mr. Allen replied, ” I think that you will find an immense number if films in America that are financed by the Mafia and there are no references to those!!!”    (The audience broke out in laughter which lasted for over five minutes.)

What planet are you living on, dude?

At the end of the evening, those who reviewed the documentary, Unlawful Killing, at the Cannes Film Festival hated it.  I mean, really, hated it.

And, they loathe Mr. Allen.

As of this morning in Cannes, France, he has no friends and his career, well, let’s just say that his phone will never ring again.  He might as well fill out an application at Starbucks or McDonald’s because as of today… he will never work again in the film industry. Unless, some desperate F-list director calls and asks him, Mr. Allen, to star in an infomercial to sell the latest cheap cleaning products on QVC.

To watch a video clip from the press conference please click the link here.

Source: Reuters via Hollywood ReporterThe Independent and Washington Post

Photo courtesy of:  Colored Diamond Forum