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“The Future Princess of Monaco is Impeccable and Perfect!” Proclaims Famous Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld. Oh Boy…


Hot off from the British royal wedding this past April 29, 2011, famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has officially proclaimed, on the television network France2, that Charlene Wittstock is “…impeccable and perfect!”

According to the French newspaper, Nice-Matin, Mr. Lagerfeld is in love with Charlene’s sense of style and grace (no pun intended.)  For him, she is the ultimate up and coming fashionista.

Uh, okay… he pretty much says that about everyone.  Then days later he changes his mind.

He’s elderly so he can get away with saying such things.

Nonetheless, I will say that Miss Wittstock looked quite lovely at the royal wedding as well as at the pre-wedding reception in London hosted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. But, I don’t agree with Mr. Lagerfeld’s comments.  Sure Charlene has her moments when she looks fantastic, but there are other times when she looks like a hot mess.

There I said it.  She’s not perfect.

To view Miss Wittstock’s fashion style whilst at the British royal wedding please click the links here,   here and here. 

Source:  Nice-Matin  Photos courtesy of: by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images Europe and Billy Chappel/ALFAQUI

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