Matilde Borromeo and H.S.H. Antonius zu Fürstenberg on holiday in St. Moritz

Since their announcement of their engagement interest in Countess Matilde Borromeo and her fiancé, H.S.H Prince Antonius zu Fürstenberg, has peaked for many royal watchers.

With that being said, the couple are currently featured in this month’s Italian Vanity Fair magazine whereupon the press found the couple on holiday in St. Moritz, Switzerland. There is a semi-lengthy article, in Italian obviously, with many photos so click the link to view and read:  Vanity Fair

5 thoughts on “Matilde Borromeo and H.S.H. Antonius zu Fürstenberg on holiday in St. Moritz”

  1. A shame that Antonius is not the heir of the House of Furstenberg. He and Matilde should have been the heirs. But then, they might have a much more interesting life and don’t need to live in that sleepy village of Donaueschingen, Germany.

    1. No, I do not like the engagement of Antonius with Mathilde! He is to beautiful for her! i don’t think she has anything special! And I think Christian and his wife are perfectly suitable for the throne! they are more down to earth and too kind!

  2. Matilde =not a countess. The correct title is Lady, or the Italian form, Dona Borromeo

      1. Mathilde should not be getting married to Antonius! i dissaprove of this marriage!

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