The Official British Royal Wedding Website Finally Available Online

Now, I just know this is going to make your day, but finally the official website to the upcoming British royal wedding is now online.

The website is quite nice and has a lot of features including videos and links to Clarence House’s official Twitter page.  The site also has key information about the service, procession, reception, and other inane crap.

So, click the link and enjoy:  Official Royal Wedding 2011

Photo courtesy of: Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office

5 thoughts on “The Official British Royal Wedding Website Finally Available Online”

  1. The beloved prince, has chosen his wife
    A Commoner of the people
    The new Princess, of the Royal heights
    One day, The Queen, of the commoner’s plight

    A wedding celebration of Bride and Groom
    Amid blessing from the commonwealth realm
    Let the people rejoice, and exult their heirlooms
    Amid God’s blessing, of the future King and Queen

    For the love of the people, shall sustain such things
    With the Angels, Diana shall sing
    May the people, once again, extol God save the King?

    May The Lord oversee his house, guide his hands
    And cause his seed, as a blessing to the Commonwealth Realm
    For God has sent a king, to rule over His land

    Let the people rejoice
    Let the children sing
    God save the King

  2. i am an australian citizan british through and through may i and my wife exstend our fondist regards on your forth comming event this union make us felll so proud god bless you both
    robert and patricia walker

  3. esata boda es especial porque nos rtemopnta a épocas de oro europeas, y parece un cuento de hadas espero de corazón que más que nada sean felices, no como Ladi Di.

    Ingrid de uruguay

  4. All the very best to Prince William N Miss kate middleton on their wedding. may god bless them with showers of happiness. Amin

  5. I wish Kate and William the best on this special day. Grasp all the celebrations that this day brings and remember this day forever and how special this day was, for this is the day that your life will be changed forever. You are the envy of all the women and little girls that woke in the earliest of morning to watch the glorious union of you and William. I pray for you to have a life longer partner to love, laugh and to enjoy both in the good times and bad. I don’t ever think that I have seen such a beautiful ceremony that involved such a beautiful Princess and the most handsome Prince. Best of luck in your new lives together!

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