On December 12, 2010, TRH Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Crown Princess Maxima (Messy-ma) went to the theatre in Rotterdam to attend the show The Birthday of King Louis written by Koos Meinderts.  Apparently, the story is about the birthday celebration of King Louis.  Sounds exciting.  No, really it does.

Any way, Crown Princess Maxima continues to look like a mess.  Seriously, could her pants be any tighter?  While Crown Prince Willem-Alexander looks pretty good despite the fact he’s gained about 40 pounds in the past month.




Merry Christmas!

Photos courtesy of Gooddayz Magazine at http://www.gooddayz.nl (photos by Anneke Ruys)


    1. You mean, “Do I have a problem with Maxima?”

      No. I will give her credit for being one smart cookie.

      However, I do believe that her style of clothing as well as hair is nothing short of tragic. Does that bother you?

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