TRH Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe of Belgium held a lovely  reception at the royal palace in Brussels for the Council of the Chairmen of Business Europe.

It’s not a flashy fun event that I usually am interested in, but I thought I would start reporting more about this kind of boring couple for those who may be interested in their activities.

Photo courtesy of Daylife by Mark Renders.


  1. They do seem to be a very boring couple! I would like to follow them more but I just can’t seem to be bothered. I always wondered about the choice of Princess Mathilde as Godparent to Princess Isabella of Denmarkk. As I haven’t heard much of a connection between the two couples.

    1. Honestly, there isn’t much connection, that I know of, between the two royal houses. To me, the honor given to Crown Princess Mathilde was done out of courtesy rather than true friendship.

      It’s funny because I see the Belgium royal family quite often on TV5 (a French network which airs on Time Warner Cable here in LA) all the time. I would like to know more about them, but as you said… boring. The family just doesn’t grab my interest like other royal and princely houses.

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